The DAI Currency

What is DAI?

DAI is a stablecoin produced by MakerDao, whose value is pegged to the US dollar. Using a decentralized autonomous orgnaization, MakerDao's incentive structure and smart contracts help ensure that DAI is value-stable, staying within close parity to the Us dollar.

What can you do with DAI on WIND?

DAI is used to:

  1. Pay Researchers that are carrying out research activities

  2. Enable competitive staking for Investors to receive priority access to top rated Startups

  3. Enable competitive staking for service providers to receive priority access to research tasks

Competitive Staking

Competitive staking is a pricing technology that allows Investors to signal their commitment to funding these top rated Startups. Investors buy and stake DAI on their platform wallet to increase their Investor position rank. Investors that staked the most will receive access to the highest rated Startups first. When an Investor no longer needs or can utilize the leads, they can sell that position to the next Investor on an exchange.

If the highest-ranked Investors choose to pass on a deal, it is handed to the rank down. The matching algorithm will assure that the Startups are not only highly rated, but also relevant to the particular Investor.

How can I earn DAI?

You can earn DAI for contributing your knowledge to the community. This can come in many forms including:

  • Rating Startups that apply for funding

  • Reviewing Startups that apply for funding

  • Undertaking research tasks such as a:

    • Conducting a competitor analysis

    • Writing a market research report

    • Submitting a technology and security assessment

  • Verifying information submitted by founders

  • Adding relevant files to the Startup DataRoom

  • Participating in question polls

  • Upvoting opinions that prove to be in-line with community consensus